Health and Safety policy statement of Ace Consult Security Services


Ace Consult Security Services are a London based company providing security guard services for businesses and individuals in London and the Home Counties.


The management of Ace Consult believes that our employees are our most important asset and that a happy, successful and quality organization is one in which health and safety is effectively managed. The cost of incidents and accidents in terms of human pain, lost production, dissatisfied clients, damaged equipment and fines is such that accident prevention is an integral part of our management operational judgment and decision making. It is therefore recognized the development of a health and safety culture, which is supportive and pro-active, is essential to achieve adequate control over risks. This culture will be achieved by the active participation of the site managers and our employees in a systematic dialogue to identify risks and eliminate or reduce them.


Consequently as part of its strategy Ace Consult Security Services intends to:

         Regard the legal health and safety requirements as a minimum standard and expect managerial targets to be achieved without compromising the health and safety criteria.

         Continually measure, monitor and improve our performance in health and safety matters and will prepare and revise where necessary a periodical plan to ensure that health and safety standards are adequate.

         Provide properly trained and qualified security guards who are also properly sensitized in how to work in a safe and healthy manner. We will provide our security guards with proper PPE wear in accordance with the health and safety rules.

         Provide adequate supervision and monitoring by way of random spot checks, compulsory check control calls every hour and real time clocking points. 

         Ensure that all risk assessments as required by relevant legislation are completed, there recommendations implemented and that all our guards are provided with sufficient information regarding those assessments.

         Provide such information, training and supervision as necessary to enable our security guards to develop and maintain essential health and safety skills and will encourage of a positive health and safety culture.

         Ensure continued consultation with our work force to enable all view points and recommendations to be discussed at meetings between our employees, safety committee and management at regular intervals.




Equipment to be used:

Tour guard patrol clocking machine

Hand held security torch



How we will guard your site:

         As the first measure of deterrence, we will stick warning signs on the perimeter fence and the gate.

         A uniformed security guard will conduct regular patrols and will have to prove he has done so by logging in at different points on the site. Print outs of these logs will be available to the site management team.

Access to the site

A thorough discussion will be done with the site manager prior to commencement of work. At this time any problems with site conditions will be identified and assessed.