How to choose a security guard or security guard services




Any commercial or public organisation, retail outlet or construction site will at some point have a need for a security guard or the services of a security guard company, and they will inevitably benefit greatly from employing security services.


A strategically placed security guard will help to deter crime. They will detect suspicious activity and act to protect employees, visitors, property, premises and business interests from a variety of risks. Not only does theft pose an outward risk to the personnel and physical aspects of a business, it will also have an effect on productivity, turnover and could in turn affect the public image. The best course of action therefore is to arrange good quality security cover.


Having made the wise decision to take on security guard services, you will be faced with the task of sourcing, comparing and selecting a range of security guard companies, something that could prove an arduous task. To help you in your selection process, we have set out the most important factors that should be considered when choosing a security guard company:

1.    What type of security services do you require?

You need to ascertain the precise nature of the security services you need because not all security companies offer the same types of guards. Do you need a standard security guard or a door supervisor? An undercover surveillance officer or a night watchman? Or do you need a selection of different guards from one source?

Some guards need a different type of licence, not to mention specific skills and training in their own sectors. Try approaching a security company that offers a range of guards so that you can be sure you are getting the right type of personnel for your specific security needs.

2.    Compare Security Service Costs

Talk to at least three security guard companies, get quotes and compare costs; you may well find the differences in rates quite surprising. The larger, longer established security companies tend to charge higher rates in comparison with the medium sized or smaller security agencies but you should not be put off by using a smaller company because it won’t necessarily mean they will offer a less professional service. Interview them and ask as many questions as you see fit and then base your decision on whether the company will be able to deliver the level of service you need, meet your budget and match your terms.

Costs will also normally vary depending on the length of time you require the services of the security guard. For example, should you only need a guard or door supervisor for a few hours then expect to pay a higher rate than if you are hiring on a longer term basis. You may find that the larger security companies will set a minimum contract, so if you only need the services for a short period you would be better advised to approach a smaller security guard company. If you can find a security agency that offers complete flexibility and a standard flat rate no matter what period of security cover you need however, then all the better.

3.    Where do you need the security guard to operate?

Some security guard companies only operate within a restricted locality. For example, if you are looking for a security guard company in Manchester then there is no point requesting a quotation from a London security company. Do check though because some security guard agencies offer national coverage and may be able to meet your needs wherever you are based. These companies are particularly useful if you have multiple sites throughout the UK.

4.    Check credentials

Checking the credentials of a security guard company is vital. You must ensure first of all that the guards provided by the company are properly licensed . If they are not, then do not even consider them for your security requirements. Also, make sure they hold sufficient Public Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance and that you see their certificates.

The next thing to ascertain is how many years experience the security agency and their management team have. Ask them about their vetting procedures when taking on new security guards. Are they Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checked? Are they carefully selected for good communication skills, flexibility, smart appearance and experience in their own specific area such as retail, construction or public event security? Do they guarantee that each guard meets British Standards levels?

Also check that all the security guards are professionally trained and continuously monitored by the security guard agency.

5. Is the security guard company fully contactable in an emergency?

It is a good idea to check with your chosen security guard agency that they can be contacted 24 hours per day, 7 days per week in case there is an emergency. Also, find out whether they can provide security cover all year round and are happy to provide a security guard at the last minute should you need one. If you are using security services on a long term basis then make a point of meeting the person that will act as your contact to be sure you can get on well with them.


Choosing the right security cover for your business, venue or construction site is vital. Take your time when making a selection and once you have your shortlist, be meticulous in your interviewing. If any of the security guard companies fails to meet just one of your criteria, then move on to the next one. Making the right decision at the outset will save you time and money in the long run, and will give you the peace of mind that your premises are safe and secure.



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